5 Social Media Predictions for 2013 | Constant Contact Blogs

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Last year was a whirlwind year for social media, both for the networks themselves and the small businesses and organizations relying on them to reach t (5 Social Media Predictions for 2013 http://t.co/rsqFkkNE)…

Kevin Chase‘s insight:

Considering 75% of people are predominately visual in the way they perceive and learn it should be no surprise that pictures will continue to groaw as an engagement tool.

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Social Media is for Branding, not Selling | Business 2 Community | The Practical Side of Marketing

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You may have wasted massive amounts of money on advertising that had little to no chance of success.

Kevin Chase‘s insight:

Definitely makes a good point about building your brand using social media as it is much easier to connect to people who know who you are and what you are doing.


I would disagree however that social media can’t be used for selling. I think you have to walk the fine line of making sure you aren’t being obtrusive in people’s lives. However, I think social media is an extremely valuable tool to connect with people who are searching for your business type or the products that you offer. In this case if someone finds you via Linked, Twitter, Facebook, or another avenue you want to make sure that you make a convincing argument for why you?

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Engaging Decision Makers with Digital Media in B2B

B2B Do you know who the decision makers are that will be buying your product or service? Will the final say come from the CEO, or will it be in conjunction with the Marketing Executive, HR, and/or another team of executives?

In most B2B markets the buying decision may come down to the influence of a team of people. Chances are that in many cases the final decision makers are similar across each organization. The problem that many companies face is determining the right social and digital media channels to reach their target market.

One issue that I see many companies forget about is that fact that the decision makers for your product are most likely engaging digital content in different ways. A recent study I just read by Brandfog, “2012 CEO, Social Media and Leadership Survey” noted that just 2.5% of Fortune 500 CEOs are on Twitter. Obviously this would not be the most optimal way to reach CEOs however, this might be more appropriate to provide content to the CMO.

When starting a digital campaign here are some of the first things I assess:

1) Who is involved in making the purchase decisions in my target market?

2) How is each decision maker engaging in social and digital media?

3) What is my content strategy for this campaign and how can I tailor it across digital channels to be most effective for each decision maker?